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Home Renovation

Whether you’re looking to increase the property value of your home ahead of a sale or closing on a house you can’t wait to make your own, chances are there’s a renovation or remodeling project in your future.

Interior Design

Interior design is where both strategic thinking and creativity merge into one finer experience. We have experience and expertise in nurturing ideas to completion through a finely defined,

Architectural design

We believe that design is the means to create experiences. Design transforms the mundane into an aesthetic reality. Allowing people the luxury of enjoying a finer reality. Client preferences are paramount

Creating finesse

Who we are

Creating living spaces is, often a challenge. While blending aesthetic perfection with functionality, blending engineering with the finesse of creativity, one has to keep a fine balance.

That’s where Greentech Interiors excel in. With years of experience in crafting some of the finest living spaces, Greentech gives you the best in inspirations.

Young, energetic and passionate, Greentech is a full-fledged team comprising architects to engineers to plumbers to electricians to painters to carpenters., who offer end-to-end, creative solutions for interiors.

Critical Thinking

Concept & Details .

Greentech spends quality time to listen to and understand our clients and their needs. Once we’re clear, we go back to brainstorming and collaborative designing. The first cut design will be complete with minute detailing about the project and its costing. On approval, our dedicated team will finish the project with minimum turnaround time.

We Make

Perfection .

Sleek, snazzy and urbane are the operative buzzwords while adhering to the modern home interior design concept. Clutter is a hard limit when it comes to interior home decoration.

Modern design amongst the many home decor designs works extensively with straight lines and simplicity. If your dream home image revolves around clean lines that lean towards practicality, going minimalistic on accessories and follows a neutral color palette without looking garish, this is the best home interior design concept to choose.

Testimonial .

  • “Without a doubt the best value for money during my home renovation was Greentec Interior Design. Every step in the project from design to final walkthrough was stress-free and enjoyable thanks to the competence of Greentec and team. Their impeccable taste and knowledge of all things design was reassuring. When complications arose, Greentec dealt with them promptly and professionally. The end result is a beautiful, functional home that we receive compliments on almost daily. Best of all, there are no lingering issues or deficiencies. We feel lucky to have had their help.”

    CCO, Ikigai Worldwide

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